24 hour-Live-In Maternity Nurse

24 Hour Live In Maternity Nurse

Postnatal Nannies and Maternity Nurses

Our 24 hour-Live-In maternity nurses are highly experienced and qualified postnatal nurses who cares for newborn and young babies and are on call 24 hours a day (with a 4 hours rest period).  The Maternity Nurse will listen to your request, support and guide you at day and night time.  They will performing all the duties of a Maternity Nurse and provide their expertise, reassurance, and support to first time parents, parents with other young children and parents with multiple babies.  Your baby will be adequately cared for.  You will be supported to achieve your breastfeeding goals and they will help your baby to get into a proper feeding and sleeping routine.  They normally work 5 to 6 days per week and you can also arrange a block booking with them.

babysitter london
babysitter london

Additional information and Fees

They are happy to travel with you and the baby so providing you with the support and ensuring that your baby’s routine is not disturbed.

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If you are employing a Maternity Nurse on Permanent basis the agency fee is

17% of net salary for the first year

Temporary placement for up to 26 weeks is and placement beyond this period will incur permanent placement fee

17% of Net salary for the duration of the appointment.

VAT is calculated at 20%

Salary is dependent on Maternity Nurse’s, hours, years of experience, and qualifications.

Maternity Nurses are self-employed. 

Please check fees section.

per 24 hours dependent on experience.

Agency fees £30 per day plus VAT.