Daytime Maternity Nurse

Our Daytime Postnatal Maternity Nurses are highly experienced and specialise in caring for babies from birth. They will usually support mothers from when the baby is born and help to set up a routine.  Maternity Nurses will normally be with the family for 4-12 weeks, depending on individual needs.  Daytime Maternity Nurses can work up to 12 hours/day.  This service is ideal for parents who require our services but does not have a spare room for the maternity nurse to stay overnight.

They will set up a routine for your baby and ensure that your baby is feeding and sleeping well through the day​. They will provide practical support on issues arising, your baby’s developmental milestones, information, and guidance on infant feeding (whether breast, formula or mixed feeding).  They will give practical support with the care of your baby.

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Other Duties and Fees

  • Feeding, winding, bathing
  • Nappy changing, bottle cleaning and sterilising,
  • Dressing and settling your baby to sleep,
  • Keeping the nursery clean and tidy.
  • Accompany and support parents at appointments such as (hospital, GP, baby activities, chiropractor etc.)
  • Make light meals and ensure that breastfeeding mothers are well hydrated.
  • Empower through knowledge and encourage parents with regards to the care of their newborn.

Daytime Maternity Nurse will normally work from 7am to 8pm although a more flexible arrangement can be reached upon discussion with your Maternity Nurse.

If you are employing a Nanny on Permanent basis the agency fee is

17% of net salary for the first year

Temporary placement for up to 26 weeks is

17% of Net salary for the duration of the appointment.

VAT is calculated at 20%

Salary is dependent on Nanny duties, hours, number and age of children, experience, and qualifications.

Nannies are not self-employed and as such the clients will have to pay the nanny’s tax and national insurance.  Please refer to information on Nanny tax. 

Please check fees section.

Agency fees £30 per day plus VAT.