Maternity Nurses Role

The Maternity Nurses Role

The role of a Maternity Nurse is crucial to a family with a newborn. They support the new parents to achieve a smooth transition into parenthood. Maternity nurses will provide knowledge, support, and empower new and second-time parents. They will also build your confidence in handling your newborn. They will also aim to promote a positive relationship between older siblings and the new family addition.

The night nanny will come in the early or late evening and stay with the baby overnight. Night nurses will rest when the baby is asleep and need to be provided with a comfortable place to sleep in the nursery or an adjoining room.

Maternity nurses can offer live-in, 24 hours up to 6 days per week. You can also choose 24/2, 24/3, and 24/4 service. Support is also available at midweek and weekends.

Day and night, maternity nurses can work up to 12 hours per day.

Contracts are usually to suit your individual’s requirements.

The role of a maternity nurse includes the following:

  • Help to develop a routine to ensure that your baby is feeding and sleeping​ well.
  • Monitor and observe your baby’s breast milk intake, formula milk, or if they are mixed fed to ensure your baby is well hydrated and nourished.
  • The maternity nurse will observe the mother and the baby’s positioning when feeding and offer advice where necessary.
  • They will burp, clean, and resettle your baby after feeding at day and night time.
  • Attend to reflux and colic problems.
  • The Maternity Nurse is responsible for cleaning and sterilising the bottles, attending to the baby’s laundry, and keeping the nursery room clean and tidy.
  • They will also prepare the formula milk and feed the baby.
  •  They are responsible for feeding the baby, day and night, and establishing a good routine in agreement with the parents.
  • Maternity nurse can accompany mums to appointments at the hospital, GP and support new mums during the Health Visitor’s home visits.
  • They nurture the development of relationships and the involvement of siblings with the newborn.​

Please note: Daily maternity nurses will cover the same role and duties as a 24-hour maternity nurse within the hours they are working. They should be provided with a daily meal at home.